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Recommended Gonorrhoea Treatment

One of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs), gonorrhea, has for decades become more and more resistant to recommended treatments. In recent years, the selection of successful antibiotics has been whittled down substantially to a minimal number; now the only recommendation is that of sub dermal injection, ceftriaxone. Worryingly, according to a recent BBC investigation, reputable online sources are still recommending the oral treatment cefixime, an oral antibiotic treatment that just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore thanks to the all-powerful and ever resisting gonorrhea. Clearly such online facilities cannot administer injections so they are under an obligation to advise their patients to get the injection at their local GP practice rather than avail of the sub standard oral treatment. However, this latest BBC investigation has revealed that seven of the regulated and reputable sites treating STIs and other health problems, have not been adhering to recommendations set by the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) way back in 2011.

This lack of professionalism and this failure to adhere to strict guidelines will only serve to perpetuate the resistance of this common and almost untreatable infection. Senior health officials have now stated that patients should obtain prescriptions directly from their GPs rather than online. It is alarming that certain companies have not respected the guidelines, furthermore it is damaging to other reputable online resources that uphold standards and adhere strictly to the guidelines. There are regulated and licensed clinics that are prescribing oral treatments for gonorrhea, but only where a patient will absolutely refuse the treatment in the form of injection. In this case, it is better to administer the oral treatments over nothing at all. At the same time, these clinics are being clear with their patients that the injection is the recommended option, and the best option.

Hopefully this investigation will mean that online clinics across the board will be vigilant about national health standards as more and more of us are obtaining medication this way. It is of course down to the medical professionals to advise and contribute to the fight against gonorrhea resistance but the growing population of gonorrhea sufferers must be aware also that this infection might become untreatable through the misuse of antibiotics or the taking of oral treatments over the injection. It is vital that the full course of antibiotics is completed for all infections these drugs are prescribed for.